Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rate the Runway: The show must go on!

Another great week on Project Runway! This is my favorite part of the season when all the designers are pretty good and there are no horribly weak links.  It makes for great competition because, truly, one bad design can send you home.  Now that they've weeded out the less talented people, things are really going to take off.  This week's challenge was to design an outfit, comprised of separates, for a character in the musical "Godspell".  It was a very interesting challenge, and excitingly, all the contestants took risks with their designs.  Some worked, while others fell terribly flat.  Check out the looks after the jump.

MONDO 10/10
This outfit was spectactular! The absolute best of the night.  He did a great job of creating something that looks both elegant and bohemian.  I think that truly takes talent.  Also, the way the modeled was styled really set off the outfit.  The judges agreed and he was the winner of this challenge.  I'm glad to see him back on top after last week when the judge's ripped him a new one.  I see him staying on top from this point on, leading up to his enevitable win.

MICHAEL 9.5/10
This guy is a freaking boomerang! After two weeks in the top, which included a win, and then two weeks in the bottom, which included a near elimination, he is back with another stunner.  I totally called it last week when I said that if he didn't step up he would be out and, wow, did he step up.  This outfit is an absolute stunner.  The model looked gorgeous walking down the runway and the headpiece was to die for.  He makes some pieces that are absolute show stoppers, then others are complete trash.  I wish I could figure him out! Also, how cute were the straps on the shoes?? To think they were only for practicality, but they really popped with the emsemble.

Giving a classic elegance vibe, this outfit was another great design that walked the runway this week.  One of the judges mentioned, and I thought the same, that it had a modern Marie Antionette feel.  That statement describes this look perfectly.  I think what kept him from really taking it to the next level was the lack of color.  For an outfit that will be worn during a broadway show, black just didn't really bring the excitement.  He needs to pick a color that would've stood out to even the seat in the back. Aside from that it was a well-made and beautiful look.

KARA 8/10
This was a great outfit, especially considering who designed it.  I said last week that I thought her days were numbered and I was correct.  This judges decided to send her home this week.   She's struggled to find her voice in the past few challenges and I think this week was just her time. She doesn't have an asthetic, so her designs seem scattered and she also lacks confidence.  She was the weakest left in the bunch.  I can say I'm glad she got to go out on this high note of an outfit.  What I liked about it was it's simple elegance.  I would say compared to the other designs in the bottom this was better, but they have the benefit of have a better history of good designs.

I didn't hate this outfit, but holy freaking crap it was boring.  I'm falling asleep at the keyboard just looking at the picture.  It seemed like he was going for the same type of elegance as Austin, but missed the mark a bit.  His outfit reads more outdated than it does classic.  He's still doing well enough to float in the middle, but I think he has two weeks max left in him.

MILA 2/10
Whore alert! I mean, the faux fur vest looked straight out of a 70's porno and the skirt was borrowed from an extra on the set of The Brady Bunch.  Also, ANY pimp called, he wants his necklace back. What kinda mess is this?  The only reason that she gets a higher score than Kenley is because at least this outfit somewhat matched.  I'm very surprised she escaped elimination, but her track record is much better than Kara's, so she lives to design another week.

She makes it in my top outfits two weeks in a row then brings out this eye-sore.  Honestly, it would be sad if it wasn't hilariously awful.  Literally my eyes are laughing just thinking about it.  The girl can not mix prints to save her life.  Mondo, she is not.  Anyone with half a brain could determine that, hey maybe these prints don't compliment each other.  So we got this mess.  What else is there to say?  The outfit speaks for itself.  I'm just surprised Issac did grab a matchbook and set this trash on fire the second it stepped out on the runway.

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