Sunday, February 19, 2012

Survivor Recap: Battle of the Sexes

Survivor is back with it's 905th season...or something along those lines.  I don't care how old the show gets I still love it.  Something about how basic the premise is and also that it is like the founding reality show.  Now, recent seasons have been testing my patience, what with all the old players coming back.  It made for a really boring season once the merge hit.  Thankfully this season they have scrapped a lot that was dragging Survivor down.  First and foremost, the cast is all brand new people.  This has been what has hurt the show most lately.  I hate watching when people are just fawning over the past contestants brought back to play for their third or fourth time.  Also, they got rid of redemption island.  The idea wasn't awful, but it just didn't work.  For example, once Jesus Matt got back into the game, he was voted right back out.  Of course, it didn't help he was an idiot, but there is also no method to prevent that from happening.

So, we start this season with a fresh crop of contestants and one new, but very interesting twist.  The tribes are sharing one camp.  This is brilliant!  One of the things I hate is how it's just a numbers game after merge with the tribes sticking together.  This eliminates that by allowing people to make friendships and alliances with the other tribe early in the game.

Speaking of the tribes, they are separated by sexes, another interesting twist.  I think this is gonna make for a dramatic season because there is such a difference in thinking that there is bound to be some clashing. And there was, especially judging based on the first episode. Now let's get into this recap...

Rate the Runway: The show must go on!

Another great week on Project Runway! This is my favorite part of the season when all the designers are pretty good and there are no horribly weak links.  It makes for great competition because, truly, one bad design can send you home.  Now that they've weeded out the less talented people, things are really going to take off.  This week's challenge was to design an outfit, comprised of separates, for a character in the musical "Godspell".  It was a very interesting challenge, and excitingly, all the contestants took risks with their designs.  Some worked, while others fell terribly flat.  Check out the looks after the jump.