Friday, February 17, 2012

Real Housewives of Orange County: It's My Party

The ball is starting to roll on this season of the Orange County Housewives.  Things were a bit clunky last week, but I think now we're settling into a groove that will make for a good season.  Most of the episode was dedicated to the rest of Vicky's party which was sadly devoid of the typical drama that accompanies housewife get-togethers.  What the party did do was start to put a lot of drama on the boiler.  Things are going to heat up as the season continues, so I'm hoping for some huge fights down the road.  Now the Power Rankings...

#1 GRETCHEN (Last Week #3)
She kept her cool this week and is benefiting from other people getting on my nerves.  It seems like she is gonna have some issues with Heather, which is fine with me because I don't like Heather either.  All Gretchen was up to during this episode was getting some topless photos taken for her handbag line.  Let me see some more drama and she might be able to stay my top ranked housewife.

#2 VICKY (Last Week #1)
Vicky wasn't up to much either.  She had her party where some on the girls were drinking but they weren't "drinking drinking drinking" (her words).  Anyway, the party went by without a ton of drama, just mostly some cattiness.  Vicky tried to serve some different southern foods but the other girls were very rude about it and I thought it was tacky of them.  Later she went on a trip with her boyfriend, Tamara, and Eddie.  It looked like everyone was having a great time until Tamara had to ruin it with her jealousy.

#3 ALEXIS (Last Week #5)
She is lucky this week as other girls acted much worse than her.  As a matter of fact, she had an oddly enlightening moment where she was the bigger person.  When Peggy tried to come confront her over their drama, Alexis simply stated that at 11:00 at night, after a party, after drinking was not the best time to talk.  If Peggy wanted to talk she could call her tomorrow for lunch. This was very surprising behavior coming from Alexis. So, kudos to her for being adult about it. I still think Peggy shouldn't be held totally responsible for the situation, but Alexis isn't allowed to be mad at her husband so she has no other choice.
#4 TAMARA (Last Week #2)
She was a damn mess this week.  First, if she doesn't want to tell Vicky about her new friendship with Gretchen, then she should stop being so buddy buddy with her.  It's going to make it worse in the long run.  Second, if she wants to be friends with Gretchen, she shouldn't call her out for having her lips done.  It's obvious Gretchen had something done during the off season, but if Tamara wants the friendship to work, she needs to watch what, when, and how she says things. Lastly, she got weirdly jealous when Eddie was kissing Vicky's hand during dinner.  They were both drunk and it seemed like harmless fun, but Tamara had to get upset and take Vicky's boyfriend's hand and put it on her breast.  This, understandably, made Eddie upset and they spent the entire rest of the episode fighting about it.

#5 HEATHER (Last Week #4)
Mostly she is just boring.  Secondly, she is just a bitch.  A lot of the comments she made throughout the episode were just unnecessary.  She told Gretchen's friend Sarah that she needed to get a ring before it was a real proposal. She call Gretchen "cute". She acted like her husband was so annoying to her.  He takes care of you and supports you, maybe laugh at his bad jokes.  I just didn't like the attitude she was giving during this episode and I'm not seeing it getting much better from here.

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