Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rate the Runway: Fashion Face-Off

Well this was an interesting episode.  This week's challenge was to to create sportswear for a specific season.  Since there are four seasons and eight contestants, this meant that two people would be tackling each season.  What this pairinf meant was that the better look from reach season would be in the top and the other look automatically in the bottom.  The results were, just, wow.  I immediately knew exactly who was going to win each pairing just based on their history on the show.  Boy was I wrong...way wrong.  It was like living in an alternate universe.  Check out the looks in this week's Rate the Runway and let me know what you thought.

Mondo 10/10
Now this is the Mondo that I love! This outfit was streets ahead of last week, which is great.  I love everything about this look, especially how it was styled.  The bag went with it perfectly and also those prints work so well together.  I cannot belive he lost the face-off against Kenley, but her outfit was good as well.  Even though he lost the face-off, it was obvious he would not be leaving this week.

Kenley 9/10
You know, I really don't like her, but this is the second week in a row she's been one of my favorite looks.  Again, it was absolutely predictable from her, but it was cute and fit well.  I think her predictability is going to be her downfall, but I wouldn't be surprised if she makes it to the final four at the rate she is going.

Rami 8/10
 This look was phenomenal! I thought the draping was fantastic and the colors he chose were a great compliment to one another.  There was nothing about this look that was bad to me, but the judges thought the opposite.  He lost his face-off against Mila and was subsequently sent home.  I don't know what the judges are looking for, but based on the recent eliminations and winning looks, it's not originality that they're after.
Mila 6.5/10
 Just like Kenley, this was another predictable outfit from Mila.  But her predictable can still produce a decent outfit.  I'm so glad she did the outfit in something besides solid black.  That really helps her a lot in my eyes. Not much more to say other than I am surprised this beat Rami's design.
Austin 5.5/10
 This look was not as bad as it was made out to be. Now, it was by no means a masterpiece, but they acted like it was a sin against humanity.  I actually think it looks light and airy, maybe it does look a bit dated, but it's not that bad.  This outfit landed him in the bottom two with Rami and he survived the cut.  Out of those two, though, I will say Rami made the better outfit.
Kara 5/10
 Another simple desgin that skates her by another week. She puts together a passable outfit that is comepletely forgetable and manages to stay another week.  She even eeked out a victory over Austin, which I think was only due to the fact that his outfit was so offensive to the judges.  Her days are numbered, I do believe.

Jerrell 3/10 This was the winning design...?  That blows my mind.  This design is horribly simple and doesn't have much personality.  Of all the designs on the runway I am very surprised that this was the one that they chose as the best.  I am highly disappointed he has outlasted Rami.

Michael 1/10 Another mess of an outfit from Michael. I think that if he doesn't pull something amazing next week, he will be out. He always does this where she swings widly from awesome to horrible. We shall see what next week holds. As for this outfit, just wow. He blatantly stole the design from Jerrell, probably his biggest mistake, and did it poorly. The fabric choice was the killer here. If it hadn't been so blanket looking it might have worked.

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