Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rate the Runway: Let Me Borrow That Top

This week's Project Runway All-Stars challenged the contestants to design an outfit using the clothes off their backs. Well, actually, the backs of strangers.  They each had a budget that could be used to bribe people for their clothes and the reminder used to purchase fabric at Mood as long as the outfit cotainted 50% of the original clothing. Some designers found great pieces, especially Anthony and Mondo who both found bold statement dresses.  Others seemed to choose the first thing they saw in hopes they could figure out what to do with it in the workroom.  Jerell took an interesting approach in that he made sure to choose the tackiest outfits and things that made no sense together.  Back in the workroom, the usual antic ensued with one added factor: Kenley took the reigns on Kara's outfit.  She even went so far as to finish the pants for her! This didn't sit well with Michael Costello, cause if he isn't getting help, no one else better be.  I absolutely agree with his stance, but I just found it funny that he was the one to mention it.  This was the exact behavior that made him hated during his original season. 

Mondo took home the win this challenge.  I would say he's done better prior to this week, but he is my favorite, so I'm not going to complain.  The bottom two was Michael and Anthony.  Both were not the worst in my opinion, but that's just Project Runway.  Michael continues to defy life by surviving another week despite his unpredictability, therefore sending Anthony home. He took it all in stride, as usual, leaving with the same cheery disposition as he entered the competition with.  Jerell lucked out this week with his outfit, but I would say his days are numbered.

After the jump check out my personal scores for each of the outfits (with pictures)!

Kenley 9/10
I think this turned out the best of the night. It was not radically different from anything she every does, but it was made well and the pops of color were a nice touch. Nothing radical, but in a night of misfires this was a nice safe dress.
Rami 8.5/10
 This would have been the best of the night if it hadn't been for the smooth criminal hat.  Everything else was completely flawless but that just flew out of nowhere.  A sleek modern hair style would've set this outfit off.

Austin 8/10
 When this first came down the runway, I couldn't even tell the difference between the original outfit and this.  Once I saw the pictures side by side I can see that he did a great job.  I wouldn't say it was that radical of a change, but it was well made and a very fashionable look.

Mila 7/10
 The best part about this look is that it is ready to wear.  That is why I am placing it so high in my rankings.  I just wish Mila would PLEASE use some color.  Is that asking to much?  She is setting herself up for a loss again if she can't learn to use anything besides black and white.

Kara 6.5/10
 Another outfit that suffered at the hands of smooth criminal.  This outfit isn't mind blowing by any means, but I can see this being worn by people on the streets.  Might have also ranked it higher if she had, you know, made the pants herself.

Mondo 5/10
 You know, I love Mondo to pieces, but this outfit didn't do it for me. When she opened up the jacket, the bikini underneath made it work much better overall, but I think this was one of his rare mistakes in mixing prints.  The denim seems to come out of nowhere and he didn't make enough of a change with the original print dress.

Anthony 5/10
 Firstly, I find it hard to believe that this is the outfit to send him home.  It is a perfectly passable garment.  His fatal mistake would be not using enough of the original pieces he had, but I still think he should have been given a pass.  This fit well and had a somewhat elegant vibe.

Michael 3/10
 Such is the life of Michael Costello.  One week he can have Diane Von Furstenberg praising him, the next he can send a model down the run way in panties.  I have no clue how to read him.  The best I can say is that when he hits the mark, he hits it extravagantly.  When he misses, well, just look to your left to see for yourself.

Jerell 1/10
 Wow. Not even in the bottom two?  Seriously, Issac was dead on when he brought up Gwen Stefani.  This is straight up No Doubt.  And I mean old school No Doubt.  Just flat out hideous.  The fact that this escaped the bottom two is beyond comprehension for me.

What did you think? Who was your favorite? Did my rankings line up with yours?

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