Thursday, February 9, 2012

Real Housewives: Brandi brings the drama

I absolutely loved the second part of of the real housewives of Beverly hills reunion. Brandi finally got a chance to have her say on all the things that had happened this season and she did not hold back!

Things got started quickly when they talked about game night. Kyle apologized to Brandi for the way things went down, which was nice of her, but she also refused to admit having any part of hiding Brandi's crutches. You knew they were hidden and didn't say anything! That is accessory sweet heart, look it up. I think Kyle is having a hard time falling from grace. She was America's favorite last year and now the tables have turned on her and she can't handle it.

Things stayed tense after that when the discussion turned to the very odd and forced relationship between Lisa and Taylor. As they did last week the ladies took turns beating up on Lisa, first for letting Giggy drink from the fancy glasses then for saying mean things via Giggy's twitter. All of this fuss over a dog! Only on The Real Housewives. Or Animal Planet. Same thing.

Conversations got heated again when Brandi called Adrienne out for talking about Lisa behind her back. Adrienne basically busted herself out. She was acting paranoid when Brandi said that "all" of the girls talked about Lisa, then said "who does?" forcing Brandi to say it outright.

This led to an interesting revelation that apparently Brandi and Adrienne haven't spoken since the show wrapped. I found it odd because Adrienne was always pushing for Brandi amongst the women so to see them distant is a little bit surprising. I guess that's what being on reality television does to friendships. They proceeded to fight back and forth over different things, such as "he said she said" and neither attended the others party. It all seemed petty, but that is the reason we watch these shows.

Then the moment to end all moments occurred.  Brandi casually mentioned that she had said something negative about Taylor to Lisa and Lisa defended Taylor. Andy was quick to ask what the comment was. Braid stated that she had ran into Russell and he said it was Taylor who asked him to send the threatening email to Camille. Brandi also said that Russell said he loved Taylor very much.

Now, this is where things get dicey. I'm pretty sure I believe Taylor about the abuse business, but I mean the whole situation was hazy at best. A lot of details were fuzzy and we were kept out of the loop. So Brandi has every right to question the situation. Taylor publishing the book so soon is in poor taste and it really seems to me that Taylor know this. By choosing to release the book she, as Brandi said is making this the worlds business, so Brandi is entitled to her opinion.

After this was one of the most hilarious moments ever. Taylor thought she as being so smart and asked Brandi if it was true that she slashed her exes tires. Brandi immediately said yes that it was true. Taylor didn't know how to respond to that and gave up. Kyle took the banner and said how scary it was and how horrible that was. Lisa then jumped to Brandi's defense saying slashing tires on a vehicle you own isn't that bad. I can smell a war brewing between these ladies.

The final part of the reunion will be airing next week and I'm looking forward to it. They are throwing Pam, whoops Dana, into the mix and it seems that she will be butting heads with Brandi which is interesting since the had very little interaction throughout the season.

What did you think of this episode? Best reunion ever?

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